Security consultancy solutions for businesses and small & medium projects Australia wide.


Services – Security Consultant


Secure By Design provide electronic security consultation services that cover the technical aspect of electronic security:

Secure by Design do not offer supply or installation services. We are dedicated to providing consultancy services only.

These services include: Site audits, product briefings, budget estimations and value engineering, system design, tender specifications and documentation, after install compliance inspections, along with expert witness statements.

We also work with several risk management consultants should your requirements be focused around man power or OHS security.

Covering all areas of electronic security technologies.

Our pricing is modular which means we offer extremely cost effective consultation services form small – medium sized projects and businesses.

We travel Australia wide and have also performed services internationally.

Should you choose, you can also submit your own drawings, photos and project briefs via drop box and email and have our advisers draft up broad equipment locations and scope of works based on your drawings and information.

We also have advisers and auditors ready to assist you in person in for more detailed and comprehensive project designs, tender specification pre and or post install audits.

Secure By Design cater for both new projects & existing system upgrades or integration.


Key products:

 Security Systems
Access Control
Intercoms & Duress
Integration, Visitor and contractor management
Basic Data networks



Major markets:

Commercial buildings & office tenancies
Schools & universities
Housing estates
Factory complex’s
National Retail stores and corporations

Private Sector


Security Risk Assessments.

We can provide complete security risk reports that can cover the effectiveness of items from Lock Hardware to implementation of CCTV and Access Control systems. These reports can be helpful to not only the commercial or corporate sectors but also to the private sector in identifying weakness in homes and establishing a secure base to work from.    



We work directly with you, to understand your site or project and the electronic security equipment you wish to install or expand. We also work with you to ensure your system is well planned around staff movements and with future proofing in mind. We do not generate a generic default document, there is no one size fits all template at Secure By Design. After we understand the specific requirement of your security, we then offer a range of cost effective suggestions and product information before moving on to the design and specifications stage. We can also offer project cost projections, so before you have final drafts made and long before the first tender quotes are received you have an idea on the projects expected cost. 


Audits, System Design , Specifications and scope of works.

ServicesSystemDesignSites with existing systems or equipment can be pre-audited providing a further detailed level of information to be incorporated in any tender documentation. We can also design any new projects with a system based on your needs and issue a specification that can be taken to the market for quotations. We can also design a scope of works, contractor expectation guide and cable schedules, removing concern over any important functions you may need from your system. This also allows for each contractor to have a fair and level platform to build their quotes or tenders from. We can also ensure you don’t receive a licensed or proprietary restricted system with on going costs or limited service agents that you may of been unaware of.



Tender documentation review and after install quality control and Insurance policy audits.

Should you chose from our modular packages, we can stay involved after the documents are finished. Should you choose Secure By Design can stay on board to help project mange the installation and will openly provide support to your integrator, sub contractor or builder. We can assist in the tender selection process, conduct referral and license checks on the companies that have submitted tenders or quotes. We can also audit the finished project to ensure it complies and has been correctly commissioned with all the required documentation before final handover. This is a key part of the project process, ensuring it is delivered to specifications and installed to industry standards.


Supplementary services.

Sub Contracting services. Secure by design can be engaged as a sub contractor by Electrical engineers and consultants. We can provide site audits for a detailed project scope that may require existing integration and use your tender templates or provide the relevant information for final tender specifications.

Secure By Design can also work with your current tender documents, security specifications or standards to explain how the purposed system may work and offer minor modification suggestions to enhance its effectiveness if so required or corrections should it need them.


We eagerly look forward to being able to provide you with any of our specialised services.


Security Consultants  Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane.